Football Rating Systems

Getting Started on a Football Rating Strategy

So I finally get round to starting this blog. Why am I doing this? Well there is the fun element of having a bet on football (and a picking winner) but also I’m revisiting my interest in analysing football data. This is something I enjoy and started to do in  the mid 90s using soccer data-sets and before that it was helping my dad choose his v-plan 81 selections for the pools.

However, I am not a statistician or betting expert but a software developer that hopes to learn more about betting on football in general, staking plans, value and finding an edge.

What is Since a Win?

The domain is a reference to the football sequence tables and recent form runs that appeared in newspapers prior to upcoming football fixtures. These tables would list football teams in descending order of how long since a particular result i.e. since a win, since a draw etc.

At the moment I am importing English and Scottish league results from Football Data for analysis and as a starter have created some simple rating methods based on articles found online. has been around a while and is an excellent resource for footy data if your into analysing and creating your own football betting systems. Originally I used to pay a tenner to access the data files but they have been free to download since 2007.

Most of the time I shall be coding or analysing rather than writing but when I find something of interest I’ll share it.

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